Daniel Levine Music


Daniel Levine is a trumpet player and educator based in Philadelphia, PA.

Daniel’s musical activities center around improvisation and live performance. He has performed with a great variety of working groups, from classical to rock and hip-hop to straight-ahead jazz to the far reaches of experimentalism.

As an educator, Daniel has made a name for himself in Philadelphia by building a strong music program in the Aspira Charter School network, where he taught full-time for four years. Daniel’s students have gone on to join All-City Orchestra, Temple PCMS, the Clef Club, and CAPA.

Daniel is currently a teaching artist for Musicopia, where he continues to tackle the question of how to bring high-level, immersive music education to populations that are often underserved and underrepresented in the arts.


    Selected Ensembles

    Knuckleball is my trio with Devin Gray and Marc Hannaford.


    Latest Tracks

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