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Daniel Barritt-Levine is a trumpet player, composer, improviser and educator based in Philadelphia, PA.

As a prolific composer DBL has led many projects over the years, including his dynamic and sophisticated trio Knuckleball with Devin Gray and Marc Hannaford, who released their debut album in 2015. From 2012-2017 was also musical director and a founding member of Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band, which released “Joint Effort” on Ropeadope in 2015.

In Philadelphia, DBL leads the experimental duo Surface Destroyer with Ben Rosen, and the Daniel Barritt-Levine Philadelphia Trio with Sandy Eldred and Kevin Ripley. He has also been an in demand sideman and collaborator, performing and recording with many local and visiting artists including various Mostly Other People do the Killing and Jandek, as well as various projects by Dan Blacksberg and Nick Millevoi. He can be heard on the 2019 release “I Been on a Budget” from Philly rapper Khemist, produced by Anwar Marshall.

DBL’s chamber pieces have been read by the Da Capo Chamber Players, the QX String Quartet and Robert Kopelson.

For more on my music, check out my blog, where I discuss composition and improvisation, as well as social and economic concerns around being a musician.

As a music teacher in North Philadelphia’s Aspira Charter district from 2015 to 2019, DBL built a music program from the ground up in a title 1 K-8 school. Last year he formed a partnership with Philadelphia’s esteemed Clef Club, and formed a jazz frontline out of horn players and a singer from his school. Local piano prodigy Adam Faulk would accompany Levine for weekly rehearsals in which the students would approach improvisation head-on, while Levine would work with the students most other days of the week to cover the fundamentals of brass playing, scales, etc. The students frequently played with Adam and performed with professional bands featuring some of the brightest rhythm section talents in Philadelphia. They also visited the Kimmel Center to participate in Dan Blacksberg’s Kimmel Residency on immigration and music. Aspira is a bilingual charter district serving the Latino community and DBL was able to draw on his fluent Spanish to facilitate family involvement and advocate for music’s place in the school. Through Blacksberg’s residency, the Latino students learned an Iraqi Jewish song and performed it with Blacksberg’s band including Rabbi Yosef Goldman, Nick Millevoi, Chad Taylor and Matt Engle.

For more on my educational work check out my blog, where I discuss pedagogy, matters of ethics and social justice, and try to pitch my educational non-profit.


    Selected Ensembles

    Knuckleball is my trio with Devin Gray and Marc Hannaford.


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