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Daniel Levine is a trumpet player, composer, bandleader and music teacher based in Philadelphia, PA…

…Originally hailed from New York City where he studied trumpet at the Manhattan School of Music, and composition at Brooklyn College…

…leads the two-trumpet quartet Antlers & Capillaries and a trio, Knuckleball.


    Selected Ensembles

    Upon moving to Philadelphia in 2016, I decided to dedicate a significant part of my practice to solo playing.

    Knuckleball, debut release, August 2016.

    Knuckleball Tumblr (EPK)

    Daniel Levine, Devin Gray, Marc Hannaford

    Antlers & Capillaries Homepage

    Antlers & Capillaries is a two-trumpet quartet in which I explore mixed notational paradigms by writing a new set-length suite for each gig we play. The musicians in the band have unique ways of relating to notated and graphic music and we are intimately aware of each other’s playing. The resulting scores combine graphics, instruction, and notation.

    Daniel Levine, trumpet, compositions

    Kenny Warren, trumpet

    Sean Ali, bass

    Flin Van Hemmen, drums

    I am proud to be a founding member of Tacuma Bradley’s Unity Band.

    Joint Effort (Ropeadope) available now:



    Ropeadope Artist Page

    Latest Tracks

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